TxSUS Sessions Information

Introducing TxSUS Sessions Webinars

TxSUS Sessions are live webinars with expert speakers discussing key issues at the intersection of policy and practice. The goal of these sessions is to promote awareness, engagement, and support for innovative projects addressing substance use in Texas. 

Sessions will include topics like:
• Mobile methadone: Policy implications and notes from the field
• What is TxCOPE and how can it be of value to harm reduction and first responder orgs?
• Pharmacy-level barriers to MOUD, naloxone, and syringes

Join Us December 1st

The Technology Dilemma: Can Technology Fix the Overdose Crisis?

December 1st @ 12pm – 1pm CST

Join us for this panel to discuss the roles of technology in combating the overdose crisis.


This TxSUS Series will tackle the roles of technology in helping organizations to combat the overdose crisis. Technology is certain to be a driver for how we engage those in need of treatment. Digital therapeutics offer an opportunity to reach those that have been cut off from traditional methods of treatment, and can enhance research, evaluations, data, and outcomes. However, tech has its own limitations and drawbacks, so where is it best suited to help? Panelists will discuss how mobile technology can support substance use treatment, harm reduction outreach, and more.

December Session Speakers

Kasey Claborn, PhD

Steve Hicks Fellow in Addiction
& Recovery Services
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
The University of Texas at Austin

Daniela Luzi Tudor

Co-Founder and CEO,

photo of Claire Zagorski

Claire Zagorski, MSc, LP

Program Coordinator, PhARM
 College of Pharmacy
 The University of Texas at Austin

Our First Session

Mobile Methadone: Policy Implications and Notes from the Field

September 29th @ 11am – 12pm CST

Learning Objectives

  • Describe laws and regulations pertinent to the creation of new mobile methadone programs in the U.S.
  • Discuss the impact of existing mobile methadone programs on access and outcomes
  • Consider potential implementation models and ethical issues related to mobile methadone programs in Texas

September 29th Speakers

Corey S. Davis, JD, MSPH, EMT

Corey Davis, JD, MSPH, EMT

Director, Harm Reduction Legal Project,
Deputy Director, Southeastern Region

Network for Public Health Law

Sean Soth Headshot
Sean Soth

Director of Health and Integration

Evergreen Treatment Services

Catherine Perez
Catherine Perez

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Evergreen Treatment Services